Delicious Artisan Confectionary from Majani


Based in Crespellano, in the rich North Italian cultural spot of Emila-Romagna, the Majani company has specialised in the production of bespoke Italian chocolate. Since 1796, the company has used only the best in locally sourced raw materials, developed and worked with historic family recipes and traditional crafting processes; in order to create a delicious, Italian confectionery that has been loved all over Italy for 221 years!


Their vast collection of products included a range of liquorice, fruit based flavours and cocoa; allowing them to successfully cater for a wide range of tastes and palettes, with natural ingredients and eye-catching, designer packaging; which encapsulate childhood wonder and indulgence. Starting from raw cocoa beans, the team carefully select and clean the best produce to ensure the best possible results. Once done the beans are roasted whole in their shells, wet conched and finally moulded to be baked to a soft, chocolate cream. This is shaped as desired and flavoured as necessary to provide a range of delicious artisanal chocolate.