COMAL – Veneto’s Finest Delicatessen of Cured Meats


Founded in 1982, Comal specialise in revitalising the antipasti staple, cured meats and succulent cooked hams. Now celebrating their 35th birthday, Comal continue to take care to emphasise the quality of the produce and attention to detail. For every piece of meat Comal consistenly provide unwavering excellence, tailoring their brand from the taste and flavour, to the packaging. The rich aroma from their delicatessen boasts the Bresaola, lovingly crafted with herbs and spices from around the world, traditionally prepared roast suckling pig, generous whole and half portions of turkey and a range of sweet and savoury mortadella and Diavoletto spicy cured sausages.

Now at the Bellavita Expo at Warsaw 2017, you will gain the unique opportunity to sample of the latest products available. Highlights will include the ‘Fetta Facile’ and ‘Puro’ hams along with locally refined salami, thus, further expanding their range of bespoke and traditional Italian products. Comal, truly is, a gastronomist’s dream, and will provide a wide selection of meats for classic and contemporary style Mediterranean cuisine.