Chicago and Toronto - the new milestones of Italian export overseas


Bellavita Expo returns to the US and Canada in partnership with the NRA Show in Chicago and RC Show in Toronto, the two leading F&B; trade shows in North America. Are you interested in exhibiting in one or both markets? Contact us at [email protected] or read on for more information.

The US is the third global importer of Italian food and drink products. Typically Italian specialities are the most popular: wine, olive oil, cheese and pasta represent 65% of Italian exports to the continent, confirming the country's latest culinary trends. The winning product? Wine. In 2016 sales of wine and grape must have reached 35% of total exports to North America, placing Italy ahead of other European competitors. Oils and fats, cereals and rice follow wine in the most popular F&B; categories imported by North American states, reaching 14% and 12% respectively of total exports in 2016.

On average, the North American consumer is willing to spend more in return for authentic quality and flavour. Both in Canada and USA, the target audience is well-educated, has a high family income and loves to follow cooking shows on TV. In Canada, the age range is slightly higher (52-65 years) than in the US (36-51) and more interested in "healthy" foods with a clean label. In the last two years, 49% of Canadian consumers said they are more interested in healthy yet still flavoursome food and drink products.

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