Biodynamic and organic wine in the Netherlands - an interview with an importer


From 8-10 January 2018, Bellavita is returning to Amsterdam in a strategic partnership with Horecava to showcase Italian excellence in food and drink. Following last year’s success, Bellavita Awards are also on the programme and we have caught up with Gert-Jan de Snoo, specialist importer of organic and biodynamic wine and founder of, who is one of the 200 industry professionals that will take part in the Awards judging process.

Tell us a bit about yourself – why did you start your business?
Customers have started to care about the origin of the food they’re eating and also the wine they’re drinking, which is having a huge influence on the market. I firmly believe we all need to be more environmentally conscious and I am interested in how organic and biodynamic wines can be produced in harmony with the land and the creatures that inhabit it. This is not only better for the planet, it is also healthier for the consumer.

What are Dutch consumers looking for?
The Netherlands is a beer drinking country; however, wine consumption has been growing steadily for the past 20 years. In the ‘70s, people only drank French wine but a lot has changed in recent years. Wines from the new world are becoming more popular and Italian wine is also finding a place in the Dutch market. Prosecco in particular resonates with Dutch consumers and has experienced a growth of over 20% in the last year. In general, people have started to appreciate different varieties of grapes and are prepared to spend a bit more for higher quality wine.

What is the perception of Italian wines in the Netherlands?
Dutch people love Italian cuisine and the potential for Italian wines is huge! Consumers have started to be interested in how ancient Italian wine making tradition is and are eager to discover more. I think it’s really important to educate the public about Italy’s regions and why different areas have different grape varieties and production methods. Italian people grow up with wine, it’s part of their culture and this should be communicated.

What do you think will be the wine trends in the Netherlands over the next five years?
Consumers will demand higher quality and more transparency from producers. Online shopping is also a growing trend; people want convenience and a quick, efficient service and this is affecting the wine industry as a whole. As the market grows, branding and packaging will also become crucial as they can really help a producer stand out and tell the story of their product in a different way.

What are you looking for at Bellavita this year?
I’m very excited about joining Bellavita this year and seeing the very best products on display. The exhibition is renowned to be a catalyst for Italian excellence in food and drink which is a great opportunity for me to meet potential new customers and partners. I am also looking forward to gaining some insights into the industry’s most recent developments and network with other professionals in my field.

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