Bellavita Awards will prize the most sustainable produce


As from Bellavita Expo Amsterdam 2018 , Bellavita Awards will dedicate a special prize to the product whose manufacturing process has the lowest impact on the environment. Hence, the food and beverage business operators on the Bellavita Awards judging panel will provide their insight on the nominated products according to 6 different criteria: taste, packaging, story behind the product, innovation, relevance for the local market and now also sustainability.

Nowadays, corporate social responsibility is no longer an option. It has become a key aspect to help companies earn favour from consumers, be more competitive, efficient and profitable, not to mention the numerous short and long-term financial benefits and market opportunities.

Embracing sustainable and green principles is not just a trend. Even though being green has become quite appealing to companies, the journey takes time, investments, commitment and resources. Is the investment worth it? Yes, researches show how sustainability has a huge impact on the company’s image and reputation. A company that communicate their attention to a sustainable production help boost sales, build a stronger brand loyalty and en-courage customers to become more sustainable in return.

Bellavita Awards is the first international awards programme dedicated to artisan Italian food and beverage. A renowned body of over 200 judges will vet and appraise each nominated item. A Bellavita award improves the profile of a product and its manufacturer in the eyes of consumers and it differentiates winners from their market competitors by magnifying quality perception. Communication plays a key role in influencing consumers’ perception and their final buying decision and a Bellavita award can be definitely a powerful marketing tool.

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