Announcing the Bellavita Bar Academy


Debuting at London 2017, Bellavita are excited to announce the launch of the Bellavita Bar Academy, a new area completely dedicated to the fascinating world of mixology and cocktails - putting on a platform the first time creative and innovative beverages that project the spirit and passions of Italy!

Leading mixologists, barmen and other beverage professionals will be creating and demonstrating their work live in this specialist area, providing the optimum chance for professionals to taste their amazing and highly innovative creations for the first time! For this fantastic launch show, we have welcomed on board some of best mixologists of cutting-edge cocktail bars across London who are looking forward to presenting their bespoke masterpieces.

Drawing inspiration from the Exhibition, they will use traditional and iconic Italian ingredients that can be found in the main show, including Villa Sandi, leader producer of premium prosecco, Branca, Birrificio Angelo Poretti and Fabbri, alongside a medley of delicious spices, nuances and flavourings from all over Italy to provide new and exciting tastes and experiences.

Be sure to check the Agenda to find out when our mixologists will take the stage at the Bar Academy!