Terre di Serrapetrona

Via Colli 7 Serrapetrona, 62100 Macerata (MC)
Terre di Serrapetrona
Robbione  is produced following an ancient tradition by natural appassimento ( drying ) as Roman finds confirmed. It is one of the 3 great wines in Italy that uses this method ( Amarone, Sfurzat and ours ).Terre di Serrapetrona lies on the steep hills from the Sibillini Mountains to the Adriatic Sea, in Marche. Our purpose is bringing back to great value the Vernaccia Nera, an old and precious grape variety, cultivated in this narrow strip of land. Under the property of the Graidi Family, which has now reached its fourth generation, the winery aims at achieving maximum quality whilst keeping within tradition.

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Sezioni Vini e Distillati
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Canali di distribuzione Distributor/Importers
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Paesi target Canada, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United States of America
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