Società Agricola Horus 2 S.r.l.

VIA CURTATONE NR. 249 - 97019 Vittoria (RG)
Società Agricola Horus 2 S.r.l.
Horus is an Italian agricultural company and winery of young and dynamic people who chose to give value to the most indigenous and the oldest vine varieties of the area by using organic methods of wine grapes growing. 

One hundred hectares of land, of which thirty are cultivated with vines and the remaining land featuring almond and olive trees, stretch between Acate river and the town of Vittoria in Hyblaean area and enjoy warm Mediterranean climate with its heat mitigating sea breeze. The balance between the right temperature and altitude as well as the proximity to the sea shape this unique natural environment, which inspired us to bring out the flavour of indigenous and traditional varieties of wine grapes: Nero D’Avola, Frappato, Grillo, Insolia e Moscato.

We use organic fertilisers to fertilise the soil, while in order to protect the vines we take preventive actions of plants reinforcement or, alternatively, we use living organisms – natural enemies of pests. An ancient and traditional farming method is based on planting roses at the end of each row of vines. Roses are used to supervise the state of the grape vines, since roses and vines are susceptible to some of the same diseases, so the roses act as early warning of the possible diseases that might be harmful for the plants.

We have chosen to make organic wines for sentimental reasons – we get connected to our farming culture while fully respecting the life cycle of the grape vines.

Company Details

Sezioni Vini e Distillati
Certificazioni ISO 22005:2005 Sistema di Gestione per la Tracciabilità di Filiera, BIO
Canali di distribuzione GDO, HO.RE.CA.
Anno di fondazione -
Paesi dove esporta attualmente Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland
Paesi target -
Per private-label Non Specificato
Numero di dipendenti -


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