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Spaghetti di Gragnano IGP

Currently at Pastificio del Campi we produce 57 formats of pasta: all the traditional Gragnano shapes, some classic Italian ones and a few original creations. 
All our pasta shapes are made using 100% Italian durum wheat semolina and extruded through bronze dies. Spaghetti is the dried pasta shape par excellence and emblem of the Neapolitan table. The name comes from their shape, similar to a thick piece of string (spago). The first reference to spaghetti is found in the Vocabolario Domestico by Giacinto Carena (1846), where it is listed alongside "capelloni, spilloni e vermicelli"; a few years later it appears in the famous Dizionario Tommaseo-Bellini, published in 1861-1879.

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