Martínez Somalo

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Perlas of Jamón

Selected as an innovative product in the "ANUGA Taste Innovation Show 2019" (the only Spanish product in this selection), the PERLAS OF JAMÓN are a new way of tasting and presenting jamón. They are spherifications of jamón, whose ingredients are jamón broth and vegetables. It is a new texture for jamón, and a new way of consuming it. Special for tapas, canapés... but also for domestic consumption. It goes well with guacamole, hummus, cream cheese and even eggs or other traditional dishes. It is SUSTAINABLE since ham bones as well as vegetables are used as ingredients to make the broth. It is LOW FAT, since the broth, once produced, is defatted almost in its totality. NO SUGAR added and LOW IN CALORIES. NO REFRIGERATION IS REQUIRED and has a LONG SHELF LIFE (3 YEARS). It is presented in a glass jar of 50 g wrapped in cardboard and packed in display boxes of 20 units and with a nice gourmet presentation, as we do things, "as always, as never before", in Martínez Somalo. For the creation of this product we have collaborated with Cesar Battaner, a young entrepreneur who has developed a special spherification technique for jamón. This product joins the family of Confeti of Jamón and Chorizo, a product awarded for its innovation in "Innoval" at the 2018 Alimentaria fair. 
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