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Paprika Ham

In La Rioja, long time ago there was a specialty product, the PAPRIKA HAM. The identity sign of our RIOJA HAM is the slight layer of SWEET PAPRIKA, which is the main difference with other hams, along with a process transmitted generation after generation. Martínez Somalo has been producing the PAPRIKA HAM for 116 years following a traditional and artisan process inherited from our great grandfather, and is the leader in sales of this product. The paprika adds the ham an special flavor, mild and very tasty. It is a delicious and high quality product. The PAPRIKA HAM from Martínez Somalo is traded under LA GLORIA RIOJANA brand, this is the name our great grandfather gave to the original factory, and it is our most ancient brand. It is registered since 1921, and it is intended as a tribute to the most traditional of our products.
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