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Chorizo Riojano PGI

Made with paprika from La Vera, salt from Añana, and garlic from Las Pedroñeras, the “Chorizo Riojano” protected under the PGI “Chorizo Riojano”,, is different to others produced in other regions. It is mild, aromatic, slightly spicy and with an intense colour. For being protected under the PGI “Chorizo Riojano”, the Chorizos must be manufactured in authorized establishments, where external auditors guarantee the different steps in the process, check at the time of receiving the raw materials, production, maturation, drying and packing following strictly the tradition of our ancestors. The “Chorizo Riojano” is made in a horse-shoe shape (Sarta) and is produced naturally. All the ingredients used in the process are FREE of preservatives or artificial colours. This chorizo is made in La Rioja with specific characteristics such as balanced and intense aroma with a preponderance of paprika and hints of garlic. At Martínez Somalo we are moving forward one step further with the selection of the most prestigious raw materials in the market: paprika from La Vera,, salt from Añana,, and garlic from Las Pedroñeras,, so, this way we can offer the consumer the tastiest chorizo with highest quality ingredients.
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