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Ginger Beer (Organic Soft Drink)

Ginger Beer

For unforgettable cocktails

A traditional Anglo-Saxon soft drink whose recipe Galvanina has revisited in an organic key.
Quite strong, thanks to the pungency of the ginger root extract, made in Galvanina alcohol-free Ginger Beer also contains ginger juice and is enriched with the aroma of lemongrass. 
Drink cold or over lots of ice with the addition of a couple of slices of lemon or lime.
It’s delicious in a Moscow Mule too!

This soft drink is born to meet the most demanding bartenders and mixologists.

Galvanina is constantly committed to researching the best raw materials and ingredients to set the highest quality standards in the market. In our drinks we only use high quality ingredients , only organic cane sugar, no preservatives , no artificial colors or flavors
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