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Region: Molise. Year: 2018. Grape variety: 100% Falanghina white
Properties: Organic wine produced from pure vinification of Falanghina grapes
Denomination: Falanghina Terre Degli Osci IGP
Training system: Espalier 3000 plants/h, for a perfect exploitation of the local climate
Alcohol: 13.5% Vol
Harvest: with mechanized harvesting to optimize the choice of harvest day based on perfect grape ripeness,
around the first week of September
Format: 75 Cl
Serving Temperature: 8/10 ° C
Vinification: the fresh must after crushing with a soft press, is transferred to stainless steel vats at a controlled
temperature to best preserve the aromas of the vine during fermentation and preserve the organoleptic
characteristics, where it remains until the end of the first fermentation (20 days)
Aging: In stainless steel barrels, resting for about 5/6 months before bottling. The barrels are equipped with
refrigeration pockets designed to maintain a controlled temperature while preserving the aromas of the vine,
preventing oxidation and allowing the wines to remain fresh, alive and vibrant
Appearance: The color is straw yellow on the soft, the fruity odor is reminiscent of pineapples and ripe pear, It
is flavored with honey and with a high aromatic persistence
Gastronomic pairing: excellent as an aperitif, it accompanies fish starters, vegetables and fresh cheeses, first
courses of fish and shellfish
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