Bono Srl


L’IMPERATRICE (monocultivar Cellina di Nardò)

100% Monovarietal Cellina di Nardò, Puglia

THE EMPRESS takes charge of our senses, with impetuous and passionate love, spinning around in a sensuale dance across our taste buds.

Dark golden yellow in colour with flashes of green, this olive oil can have only one meaning: amazement.

The initial nose is one of cut grass, olive and an unexpected and overwhelming scent of black cherry and red fruits, which remains in the mouth, where it mixes with an incredible spiciness.

This olive oil has strong and long-lasting notes of bitterness and pepper.

BONO LIKES this oil with goulash and cotechino, with wild boar casserole cooked with cocoa beans and onion, with a confit of octopus on a bed of pan-fried cavolo nero, with pork fillet cooked with bay and juniper, or in a dark chocolate ganache to create a black forest cake in two moves.

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