Bono Srl


L’IMPERATORE (monocultivar Coratina)

 100% Monovarietal Coratina, Puglia

THE EMPEROR dominates and rules, but with strength and charisma.

A dark yellow colour tinged with jade, the nose is fresh and intense, with traces of meadow grass and herbs, as well as thyme and marjoram. The flavour is potent and all-embracing, with strong notes of chicory, radicchio, cavolo nero, green pepper and bitter almonds.

This olive oil has strong and long-lasting notes of bitterness and pepper, in perfect harmony with its strong flavour.

BONO LIKES this oil with meat roasted with rosemary and garlic, with lard or pancetta on toasted bread, cheese soufflé, seared tuna with poppy seeds and sesame, with custard and zabaglione, both sweet and savoury, or with vanilla ice cream or coffee.

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