An Interview with Chef Marzena Gromelska from Chianti Kregliccy

This year's debuting Bellavita Expo at Warsaw, working in partnership with WorldFood Warsaw, between the 11 to 13 April, top chefs and sommeliers will gather on the popular Italian Pavilion stage to discuss the importance and excellence of authentic Italian produce. Joining them will be Polish chef Marzena Gromelska, who has worked in Warsaw's popular Chianti Kregliccy…

Trends, Tradition and Top Chef – An Interview with Chef Fabio Viviani

Fabio Viviani will be presenting a Masterclass for Bellavita Expo Chicago 2017. Hailing from Florence,  Chef Fabio Viviani. At age 11, he worked nights at a local bakery (since he was too young to officially join the staff) and during his teenage years, he held several positions in the restaurant industry, even serving under the…

More than Just Pasta – Italian Flavour For Everyone!

In the past fifty or so years, Italian cooking has become part of the British food culture. From pizza filling the high-street and spaghetti becoming a staple of children's diets and pots of fusilli, tuna and sweetcorn becoming the go-to snack for hungry students, it was little surprise when pasta was rated the world's favourite food…

Pancake Day Italian Style!

Today, (Tuesday 28th February) is Shrove Tuesday, more commonly known as 'Pancake Day'. People all over the UK will be indulging in a feast of lightly golden batter, and adding a medley of toppings of their choice. Some drizzle bursts of citrus, enthused with lemon and sugar, others prefer a wholesome compote of berries and thick…


Unlike limoncello's shop-bought equivalent which we associate with that hideously full post-Christmas dinner feeling and raiding our parents alcohol cupboard during our teenage years, proper Italian limoncello is served after a meal as it supposedly helps digest your food. In that case, we'll have another glass... In the winter we drank it among our festive…


French website Démotivateur committed the 8th deadly sin when it posted a 46-second video recipe for Spaghetti alla Carbonara, a one-pot-wonder version of the famous Italian dish which literally suggested boiling a huge pile of onions, bacon and ribbon-shaped pasta together. Once cooked (to use the term lightly), it was served up and covered in…


Traditional recipe for Arancini with pork and pea ragù Named after the little oranges that these fried rice balls apparently resemble, Arancini became well known in Britain as a handy way to use up old risotto. But their story is much bigger than being just a leftover. Hailing from Sicily, a land that appears much…


This traditional Risotto alla Milanese recipe is a rich, creamy dish which gets its vivid colour and flavour from saffron, a famous spice of the Italian city. Bring the streets of Milan into your kitchen, with this simple, English version of Risotto alla Milanese. Usually served with "luganega" sausages (a long, mild, uncured sausage), also…

#pancakeday recipe – Boozy blueberry compote with ricotta

Seeing as its #pancakeday we decided to take an Italian take on the famous sweet crepe. The Italian equivalent of crepes are called crespelles, and were once considered a poor mans food. However, in 1895, the Maitre at Montecarlo's Café de Paris, Henri Carpentier made them at the table for the then Prince of Wales,…

Italian Pesto Sauce recipe – Green or Red

Italian Pesto Sauce If you're feeling lazy but are in the mood for an authentic Italian meal, why not try this recipe for an easy Pasto Sauce from You can save time blending all the ingredients instead of  'pestare' -literally crush them-. All you need is basil, parmesan -parmigiana- cheese, extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts,…

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