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An Interview with Chef Marzena Gromelska from Chianti Kregliccy

This year's debuting Bellavita Expo at Warsaw, working in partnership with WorldFood Warsaw, between the 11 to 13 April, top chefs and sommeliers will gather on the popular Italian Pavilion stage to discuss the importance and excellence of authentic Italian produce. Joining them will be Polish chef Marzena Gromelska, who has worked in Warsaw's popular Chianti Kregliccy…

More than Just Pasta – Italian Flavour For Everyone!

In the past fifty or so years, Italian cooking has become part of the British food culture. From pizza filling the high-street and spaghetti becoming a staple of children's diets and pots of fusilli, tuna and sweetcorn becoming the go-to snack for hungry students, it was little surprise when pasta was rated the world's favourite food…


It's lunchtime at work.. and no matter how much you are craving a Big Mac - especially with your post-Thursday night drinks hangover, you decide to settle for an overpriced sandwich from Starbucks instead. No  matter how much the smell of freshly fried chips is tempting you, a McDonalds doesn't quite have the same taste when…


7 super healthy Italian ingredients Health benefits of Italian food The Mediterranean diet is known as the world's healthiest diet, famous for its longevity. It focuses on eating a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, fish and whole grains - all with a little splash of olive oil and red wine. But did you know the…


Nutrition consultant Karen Cummings-Palmer talks us through the little changes we should make to improve our health, and how just underrated the freezer is. Reassess your appliances Whether it’s your favourite celebrity or your 80-year-old nan, everyone knows somebody who disapproves of microwaves. “I don’t even own a microwave” has become the new badge of…

Healthy foods are contributing to the obesity crisis, says new study

Researchers have said that “healthy food” labels may be “ironically contributing” to the obesity crisis rather than combatting it, as people regard it as less filling and thus eat more of it. The study, published in the ‘Journal of the Association for Consumer Research’ was conducted on three different sets of students and assessed how…

Should olive oil be used for frying? New study says yes

As the Mediterranean diet continues to gain momentum, the University of Granada has published its research on the previously disputed health benefits of frying with olive oil. The study was conducted by cooking a selection of Mediterranean vegetables using three different techniques, and unsurprisingly, Italy’s best-known export Olive Oil came out on top. Potatoes, pumpkins, tomatoes and aubergines…

Is red wine good for you? Experts continue to vacillate

Despite previous reports stating that red wine helps battle diabetes and lower the risk of cancer and heart disease, a new report by the government's Chief Medical Officer states that sadly, guzzling a glass of Barolo apparently isn't very healthy. How many pounding headaches, chills and mornings of self-loathing did it take them to realise that? The news marks…

7 biggest food trends of 2016

Fed up of kale, quinoa and chia? Good, because now it's 2016 there's a whole new list of things we'll all be eating (and Instagramming). From drinking charcoal to eating all our meals from bowls, here's the big food trends of 2016... Farro: It seems quinoa was just the tip of the iceberg in this…

The whole world is going gluten free

Sales of gluten-free food grew by a gigantic 57% over the last five years, with market sales having reached 237€ million, according to Euromonitor International. And this number is only expected to rise, with a new study by Transparency Market Research estimating that this number will extent to 4.44€ ($4.89) billion by 2021. The gluten-free trend…

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