The Sorrentino factory is situated in the hillside town of Gragnano, Campania, well-known as the birthplace of dry pasta, partly due to its unique weather conditions. Production dates back to the 16th century where, as Forbes noted, Gragnano’s “main street was laid out expressly to capture the mountain breeze mixed with sea air back when pasta makers hung spaghetti on drying rods like laundry.” L’anima di Grano have decided to revive the age old traditions of their area and make organic pasta with a unique taste and desirable texture, that fully supports the environment and its surrounding territory.

Their modern variation of the Italian classic is made from organic durum wheat semolina (which has high digestibility levels) combined with only the purest spring water. The excellence of raw materials is the only way to obtain a high quality product.fusilli

Slow dried at lower temperatures, their bronze-drawn pasta is rough, wrinkled and dusty to the touch, while preserving all the nutrients and taste of the organic raw materials. Bronze-drawing is an age-old activity which demands huge passion and experience, passing from generation to generation and making Gragnano world famous as the pasta city.

Organic, bronze-drawn pasta is not only part of L’anima di Grano’s identity, as a quality producer, rooted in history, but is also the preferred pasta of chefs, experts and gourmets.

Part of their modern charm is their innovation and simplicity. The traditional recipe has been used to create unique new pasta shapes, that 18th century Italy could only dream of. In particular, they have an array of quirky fusilli shapes, such as with looser twists, to hold every last drop of sauce, or shorter, fatter fusilli curls, for a more palatable mouthful.

Their pasta selection is split into ranges, meaning that you can select your pasta almost based on what else you like to eat. For example, their giganti range are perfect for combining with meaty sauces, as lots of hollow space means that they hold chunks well. They’re also good for cooking al forno (baked in the oven), such as with spinach and ricotta or with pancetta, black olives and sun-dried tomatoes in a pasta forno

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