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Molino Denti – Flour and Mixes from Emila

 Flour & Mixes with a Taste of Italy The distinctive taste of Italy can be found from the rich bounty of produce; and the 'terra', i.e. the ground in which the seeds are sewn and trees and crops grow.  Three generations ago, in the fields of Emila between Reggio Emilia and Parma, the farmers that…

Goccia Umbra – Umbrian Olive Oil

Goccia Umbra provide delicious and award winning olive oil from the Hills of Orvieto.  Umbria has always produced a high standard of excellent natural, food products; and it is here that Goccia Umbra started their business in 1988. Their first product, and their most popular is their Extra Virgin Olive Oil (which is cold pressed) but also the company…

Salpa Srl di Capellupo Providing the Hearty Goodness of Mushrooms

Rustic and packed with flavour, Salpa Srl di Capellupo specialises in porcini mushrooms, chestnuts & vegetables in oil. For the past fifty years, the Capellupo family have worked in their home town of Petronà, on the slopes of “Sila Piccola” in the coastal province of Catanzaro; where they are always looking to provide the best in flavour…


Sneak peek of beautiful food and beverages coming to Chicago, May 2017 The excellence of Italy returns to McCormick Place, Chicago for four days on the  20th-23rd of May 2017 and will introduce visitors to a bespoke experience filled with artisan food and beverages from all over Italy. Browse from over 50 established traders launching over 1,000 products of the…

Tenuta Fontana – Wine & Wine Inspired Products from Campania

The ancient Asprinio wine from Campania nurtured into the 21st Century.  Tenuta Fontana was established in 2009 by the Fontana family, working to make a selection of bespoke wines made using carefully selected grapes from the Campania region; and cultivated on the family’s vineyards between the “agro-aversano” and “beneventano” area. Combined with a mutual respect…

Amaretti Virginia – Traditional Desserts & Pastries

A historic brand that delivers on the traditional desserts and pastries of Genoa.  The staff of Amaretti Virginia have been dedicating their expertise since 1860, to the creation of bespoke and artisan desserts and pastries, synonymous with the delicate flavours of amaretti and have developed an exquisite and elegant range of sweet specialities. The unmistakable…


  Sneak peek of beautiful food and beverages coming to London, June 2017 The excellence of Italy comes to London Business Design Centre between 18th-20th June 2017 and will introduce visitors to a bespoke experience filled with artisan food and beverages from all over Italy. Browse from over 200 established traders launching over 1,000 of the finest Italian cuisine. Bellavita…

Saviola Spa – Artisan Parmigiano Reggiano & Grana Padano

  The Saviola family have played a long and prized part in the tradition of cheese making, since 1897, specialising in the craft of regional cheeses Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano. Both are two highly sought after and distinct cheeses that can only be produced in select regions in the north of Italy. Saviola uses only…

Di Ciaccio – Pastries, Biscuits & Sweet Treats

    Di Ciaccio has been whipping up delicious and wholesome sweet baked goods, pastries and biscuits that are perfect for occasions since 1928; in the border town of Gaeta, which rests between the land and the sea; made up of farmers and fishermen. The current generation continues to work exclusively with creations and recipes from the…

ACETUM – Authentic Balsamic Vinegar from Modena

The Ancient city of Modena in the southern region of the Po Valley, is recognised by thrill-seekers around the world as the birth place of the Ferrari, the native soil of world-renowned operatic tenor Luciano Pavarotti and a medley of museums, galleries and the Biblioteca Entense (Entense Library); home to over 500,000 printed works and…

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