Home to Italy’s most iconic Taleggio, Mazzoleni Formaggi was founded almost a century ago by Ernesto Mazzoleni, whose son Lucio is credited with having contributed to the birth of the Taleggio Protection Consortium and also grandfather to current owner Livio. Their unique Taleggio is still manually produced by expert cheesemakers, then aged for around two months, for its distinctive characteristic taste and softness…

Bellavita: What is your flagship product? What makes it unique?

Mazzoleni Formaggi: For over eighty years the flagship product of Mazzoleni is the Taleggio cheese DOP Mazzoleni, a recipe that has been handed down for four generations. Mild, soft and tasty are the three adjectives that most best describe the main characteristics and inimitable qualities of our luxury Taleggio. Although it has a strong smell, its taste is slightly milder with a unique fruity tang.
There’s no one secret behind the workmanship of our Taleggio. What makes it unique is simply the freshness and quality of all the raw materials that we use and the care with which it is processed and matured for eight weeks. One thing that can’t be replicated elsewhere is the key ingredient for truly delicious Taleggio: the local microclimate influences, thanks to the our company being situated on the picturesque shores of Lake Como. Taleggio is a good table cheese to be enjoyed with just a slice of bread and a glass of wine. Thanks to its stronger flavour it is easy to use as an ingredient in the kitchen, combining a variety of recipes ranging from pasta and meat dishes, from appetisers to desserts.

Bellavita: When was your company founded? How is it growing? Tell us your story!

Mazzoleni Formaggi: The business was founded in 1930 when Ernesto Mazzoleni and his son Lucio, ripened and distributed its cheeses with the aid of a cart in the markets of neighbouring countries in Lecco. A few years later the headquarters were moved into the heart of Lake Como. Here, thanks to the proximity of the lake and the microclimate, the maturing Mazzoleni cheese gives a distinct scent and an inimitable taste. An exquisite delicacy that for four generations has been the star on the tables of consumers and which has made the Mazzoleni brand synonymous with goodness and perfect seasoning. Thus began the long adventure of maturing Mazzoleni Lucio, who has actively contributed to the creation of the Consorzio Tutela Taleggio DOP. Today, the company is led with the same passion and care by Livio Mazzoleni and his family. Our cheeses are distributed in major Italian distribution chains and recognised as premium products by customers themselves.

Bellavita: Is your company based more on innovation or history and tradition?

Mazzoleni Formaggi: Our company has a long history, where the old traditional recipes were handed down from generation to generation. In a constantly evolving market, we are constantly evolving to offer products that respond to the tastes and the current needs of our customers, yet while always preserving our values. The processing techniques used in our company are, and always have been, totally handmade, with respect for tradition and excellence of the raw materials used. Utmost importance is given to our cheese makers, who with the help of time, experience and by taking constant care throughout the production process, are able to provide our cheese with a taste of authentic ancient craftsmanship. Our interest is not to compete in the market in terms of price, but to differentiate ourselves from our competitors thanks to the quality and originality of Taleggio DOP and other typical Lombard cheeses we produce.

Mazzoleni Formaggi will be at Bellavita Expo Amsterdam 2016

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