What does each Italian region have for breakfast?

We asked around the Bellavita office which is well-stocked with Italians to find out about unique breakfast specialities from a few regions around the country. And they’re all very different to Britain’s bowl of cereal.

Breakfast in Campania

For breakfast in the southern Campania region, people enjoy pastry filled with jam, cream or even honey, and sprinkled with sugar. Another regional speciality is caffè alla nocciola, made up of trifled layers of hazelnut cream, covered with espresso, and topped with whipped cream and dark chocolate flakes, all served in a shot glass. In December, people in Campania satisfy their sweet tooth with “struffoli” or “sfogliatelle” (deep fried dough filled with cream). campania breakfast

Breakfast in Sardinia

A tasty take on some Italian classics, Sardinians eat pizzas made from soft puff-pastry and with no open-top known as “pizzette sfoglia sarde“, as well as “sebadas or seadas” – fried crepes with Pecorino cheese and honey. We couldn’t make up this kind of perfection.sardinia breakfast

Breakfast in Calabria

Made using almond milk, “granita alle mandorle” or “a muzzunata” – the Italian version of a nutty slush puppy, which is often accompanied by a brioche for breakfast. ‘Nduja (a traditional Italian spicy sausage) is also unique to the southern Calabrian region and they are particularly fond of having it on bread.calabria breakfast

Breakfast in Piedmont

The traditional biscuits from northern Piedmont, a sweet pastry made with hazelnuts and filled with cream are eaten alongside milk, and known to the natives as ‘baci di dama con latte’. Another milk and biscuit speciality is zabaione, a special cream  with eggs, sugar and sometimes Marsala liquor, which can be either a drink or dessert.piedmont breakfast

Breakfast in Lombardy

Bread continues to be ubiquitous on Italian dining tables and in Lombardy, one that has been eaten through the decades is the classic bread, butter and sugar slice, or to put it literally “pane, burro e zucchero“. While it’s not the most nutritious of snacks, there’s no denying its simplicity, inexpensiveness and taste. Another sweet take on an Italian staple that is famous in the city of Varese is the Buosino – a mix of hot chocolate and coffee topped with foamed milk and dark chocolate flakes, usually served in a see-through espresso cup with… wait for it… an edible chocolate spoon.lombardy breakfast

Breakfast in Molise

If you weren’t already aware from the bruschetta, bread and tomato are a popular combination in Italy, with people from the southern region of Molise enjoying their tomatoes on “friselle” a type of ring-shaped roll made from durum wheat, which combined create “pane e Pomodoro“.molise breakfast

Breakfast in Sicily

The Sicilian region combines three sweet treats – gelato and whipped cream are put inside a brioche bun (which is sweeter than the traditional ones) – to create the ultimate summer snack.sicily breakfast

Breakfast in Puglia

At Christmas time, people from Puglia enjoy Cartellate pastries, which use dough made with olive oil, and the delicate rose shape pastries are then fried and often also dipped in wine. On a normal day you’d perhaps expect them to eat something a little less indulgent, but the traditional Puglian breakfast is in fact shortcrust pastry filled with pastry cream. Heaven.puglia breakfast

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