Italian ingredients

Spaghetti Bolognese, not actually Italian

Spaghetti Bolognese, as it is most commonly known, is an aberration! Ragù alla Bolognese (to call it by it’s traditional name), originally hails from Bologna. The Bolognese sauce is an Emilian dish (hailing from the North), whereas the spaghetti is in fact a Southern Italian mainstay. And if there’s one thing you should know about…

Mainstream ‘Mangiare’ -Top 4 Italian Dishes Cooked Wrongly

Some foods are so popular they transcend the region and country they originated from and become world phenomenons or in this case world ‘phe-nom-noms’. Terrible food joke. Much like musical artists, we love these foods/dishes for the way they taste, so what happens when they stop tasting the same? Artists who ‘sell out’ to produce…

Newsbite – Shopping Italian- Finding the truly authentic

Newsbite: Nothing tastes better than true Italian food, when produce has been grown and manufactured in Italy. You adore Italian produce and want to support the hard-working farmers. But how do you know if it is actually from Italy? There are so many products with Italian-sounding names it is sometimes difficult to know if the…

Still peckish after your meal- have a nibble on your tableware!

We are all trying to cut down on our environmental impact, however waste is inevitable. One of the problems is the waste produced by plastic and paper plates. Italian company Pappami are changing the way we eat. The ecological side-effects are severe, but Pappami, which translates in English to "eat me up", are changing the…

Discovering Coffee Culture

What is coffee? After crude oil, Coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth illustrating that we really do love coffee but what exactly is coffee and how is it made? Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans, which are the seeds of "berries" from the Coffee plant. Coffee plants are…

La Molisana, the real Made-in-Italy traditional Pasta

There’s more than a hint of history about La Molisana, a pasta producer located in the Molise region. The paper packaging evokes the sheets of paper which traditional delis would use to wrap around their home-made pasta, and the producer’s logo has remained unchanged over the years. Also evoking the past, La Molisana is one…

Food of the flag

Fact and Fiction Named after the Italian queen Margherita, the Margherita is by far the most popular of pizzas.  Historically speaking, the charming story is slightly askew, the Italian flag was already established as green, white and red and was somewhat inspired by the civic militia of Milan, who later were made national guard, nonetheless…

Bellavita’s Top Ten Ingredients

I interviewed an Italian chef of recent, we spoke about Italian cuisine and the core things that define it. What she said about food stuck with me “if you have a well-stocked larder then you’re home and dry-great ingredients make great food.” You can’t argue with that. It prompted me to go home and have…

The legacy of tomatoes in Italian gastronomy

“The discovery of the tomato has represented for the history of eating something that is like the French Revolution for the development of the social conscience.” - Luciano De Crescenzo, Italian writer, actor and director An Italian kitchen without the presence of tomatoes would be a rare sight. The ingredient dominates in Italian recipes, drawing…

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