Birradamare S.r.l.

Dark, with an impenetrable color, inspired by German Schwarz beer.
With its intense fragrance, it has an aroma of toasted-burnt malt, ranging from chocolate to a touch of liquorice and coffee. Its bo…

La mia Bresaola
Salumificio Sosio Srl

Exclusively produced by the most selected, large-sized fresh meats and entirely handmade

Roma Ambrata
Birradamare S.r.l.

Marzen beer,
Intense gold-colored beer of medium bitterness with a clear malt scent.
This beer, soft and bitter, with a toasted and smoked aftertaste, is perfect for Rome’s typical cuisine.

Roma Bionda Lager
Birradamare S.r.l.

A deep blond beer that is delicate and easy to drink, it has all the characteristics of a classic Lager with more pronounced body and aroma.
The addition of special pale malts and "aromatic" hops to t…

Cocoa Chocolate Brown Ale
Birradamare S.r.l.

Chocolate Brown Ale
This strong and well-structured beer, inspired by the Chocolate Brown Ale and with its dark chocolate color, has a silky, elegant and bitter chocolate taste.
Cocoa, grounded togethe…

'NaBiretta Chiara
Birradamare S.r.l.

Light lager beer of a straw yellow color, clearly inspired by Czech-German Pils beer.
It is produced with the best raw ingredients, giving it a good bitter content and a marked scent of hop. Alcohol, …

'Nabio Lager
Birradamare S.r.l.

Dry, medium bodied, thirst-quenching and refreshing, this beer is ideal as an aperitif and excellent if combined with fried dishes and refined plates in general.

Speck Trentino

Obtained from pork haunches and prepared following strictly traditional methods. The processing method, that consists of skilful “massages”, light smoking with beech wood and a maturation period of a…

Lucanica Trentina

Typical of Trentino, it consists of lean meat and medium grain minced pure pork fat with the addition of salt, pepper and other characteristic local aromas. It is made into hand-tied “torto” beef int…

Crucolina - italian cheese with...

L’idea nasce dal profondo legame che la Fam. Purin ha con il territorio e dalla piena consapevolezza di quelli che sono i sapori più caratteristici del Trentino.Da due tradizioni tra le più antiche e…