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After a solid three weeks of 6am gym sessions, salads for lunch and no carbs for dinner, our bodies are starting to crave that sweet, sweet sugar we swore we'd never put past our lips ever again. Gluten-free nutritionist Naomi Devlin knows the feeling, and has discovered the answer: the most indulgent semifreddo ever. "Whilst…


You know those pretty tarts you see in the window of bakeries and pastry shops all around Italy? Well, they're called Crostata ... and not only do they look good on Instagram, but they don't taste too bad either, and can be easily made at home. A popular dessert throughout Italy, Crostatas can be filled with…

Food-Blog: I left everything to live in a trullo

Bellavita is travelling the world and more and more friends are joining us! The last one we would like to introduce is Frans van Munster. Frans is a Dutch writer/journalist living in Puglia. He runs the website in which he spoke about Bellavita and one of the recipes we posted recently. (Did you read it? It's a…

Italian products and the DOP mark – Bellavita finds out more

Helen Best Shaw blogs at Fuss Free Flavours. She began her blog back in 2007 in reaction to seeing people at her local supermarket returning home laden down with lots of cheap unhealthy food. She thought about the difference between eating affordable healthy food and just eating cheap food. And that was the spark that ignited the…

What to do with your ‘Nduja – A recipe

What exactly is 'nduja? If you've never heard of ‘nduja, then let me introduce you to the meaty, chilli flecked, spreadable, meltable salami that will transform your cooking. This spicy Calabrian cured pork sausage, that had its fifteen minutes of foodie fame in trendy London restaurants a couple of years ago, has almost disappeared off the radar ever since, being…

Discover Piedmont – Italy’s famous wine region

Food Inside Tour, enjoying a trip to the Piedmont region in northern Italy As soon as the alarm sounded, I quickly drank a delicious cup of freshly roasted coffee and headed off to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport: Today is the day that Foodie-on-Toer goes to Italy. With more than 135 other foodies and colleagues from the…

Rustic almond polenta cake – A traditional Italian recipe

Polenta has become very popular all over the world. People love its rustic texture and the deep satisfying flavour that polenta can give. Polenta is not the “semolina like” stuff you buy in shops, which is often pre-cooked. Proper polenta is more of a rustic, full bodied and wholesome food where you can taste the…

Food-blog: Truffles, Foraging a Feast

Many praise Truffles into food heaven and nickname them diamond of the kitchen, crown jewel of (French) gastronomy, or as Gordon Ramsay says, a chef’s dream. Truffles fetch exorbitant prices, mainly due to its rarity and inability to cultivate. It thus remains one of the few naturally grown gourmet foods. Which makes it vulnerable to…

2015 UK Food Blogger Awards

The top 5 for the 2015 UK Food blogger awards has been announced, and these are the finalists. So whether you like luxury, healthy or affordable food, one of these could be your new blogging bible. The Foodie Couple The Foodie Couple are made up of Roz and her husband Lee, who travel round the…


Type in ‘Italian food’ or simply ‘Italian’ and you get a vast and vague collection of information, nothing specific and rightly so. The internet is a sea of rich information hiding great treasures and one must know how to navigate it to find what he/she is looking for. So here is a weekly guide of…

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